3 Ways AI Is Challenging Human Resources Best Practices

In just a few years, human resources best practices will look very different. Every day, we are learning more about how to hire and keep the best people – as well as help employees advance in their careers.

AI will play a major role in the transformation of talent acquisition and human resources. Want to learn more? Read on.


1. Assess Resumes Fairly And Without Bias

Today, almost every company is focused on diversity and fairness in the hiring process. You may have processes in place to prevent bias.

Despite best intentions, bias can still come in to play unintentionally. For example, when assessing a resume or cover letter, hiring managers may notice that the tone of the writing is more casual and not business formal like desired. However, the more casual writing may actually be very:

  • Organized
  • Logical
  • Persuasive

These traits are more important for corporate communication than a business formal tone, unless the position advertised is similar to public relations. Are you sure you’re hiring candidates with the best writing skills?

IntelliMetric® assesses writing based on its inherent quality – with the same accuracy and attention to detail as professional human writing scorers. As a human resources tool, it can help you assess candidates fairly and without bias.


2. Test Candidates’ Writing Skills With Greater Accuracy

Certain positions in your company will require advanced writing skills. IntelliMetric can help you choose the best writing samples, whether you are hiring for:

  • Public relations
  • Professional writing
  • Senior leadership roles

Our patented AI assesses not only spelling and grammar, but also language use, organization, and more. IntelliMetric has scored 100 billion essays and counting – making it the most capable writing scoring software on the market.

Talent acquisition managers don’t have time to score hundreds of essays. Instead of spending a fortune outsourcing essay scoring, you can use IntelliMetric to pick the best writing samples in less time and at a lower cost.


3. Help Employees Heighten Communication Skills

“Always learning and always teaching” is a good motto. To help your employees on their path to success, developing communication skills is essential.

With IntelliMetric, employees can submit writing assignments and receive quick feedback with a writing score breakdown. Employees will learn what their strengths are and where they can improve their writing. Managers can use the scores provided by IntelliMetric to guide employees on becoming better communicators.

Managers may not be working with employees on their writing because it isn’t objectively measurable without AI. IntelliMetric gives managers and employees a benchmark they can use to set achievable and measurable goals.


IntelliMetric uses virtually instantaneous scoring, dramatically reducing the cost and time required to evaluate professional writing without sacrificing the accuracy and consistency of the human mind. In 1997, Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric was the first Artificial Intelligence-powered essay scorer to reach human-level performance and grade one billion essays. 

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