New Technology Adds Another Powerful Capability to McGraw-Hill Digital Course Materials for College Students NEW YORK, May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Expanding its position as a market leader in learning science, McGraw-Hill announced today that it is developing a new artificially intelligent tool that guides students through the entire writing process, and gives higher education instructors a way to efficiently and effectively assign and grade writing. Embedded into McGraw-Hill Connect® digital learning materials for writing done in all course areas, the adaptive tool will help millions of students demonstrate critical and analytical thinking skills and develop writing skills for college-level work and competitive careers.
High district test scores can bring many benefits to your students and school system. On the other hand, schools can lose funding if student test scores fail to meet the benchmark. Did you know that automated essay scoring software is a powerful and effective solution? For the reading and writing portions of standardized tests, the answer to raising scores is to assign more writing practice because you can automate essay scoring. More writing practice helps students develop as writers and is even proven to improve literacy. Teachers don’t always have time to score extra assignments, and hiring professional human graders can be costly. This is where IntelliMetric can help.
Better writers help businesses on their path to growth and success. Writing in all its professional forms can Improve internal communication Boost sales Increase customer satisfaction Elevate public image So why aren’t more companies working to help their employees improve their writing skills? In case you haven’t read too much about the topic yet, companies are investing in helping their employees to become better writers – in great numbers. IntelliMetric is the most essential HR solution and assessment platform available to companies today. Read on to learn why.
When your organization is making hiring decisions, it’s important to choose candidates who can communicate well. Communication is vital for working within teams as well as across departments, with customers, and to the public. One of the best ways to learn excellent communication skills is through writing. So, when you are looking for candidates who can communicate well, it is helpful to assess their writing skills.
IntelliMetric can score writing at or above human proficiency with greater consistency over time. What can this do for your business? Employees who can write well provide more value to your business. An AI scoring machine is the best way to help your best people improve their writing skills. To note, here are a few examples where excellent writing is essential: · Presentations · Customer-facing emails · Press releases · Tradeshow literature · Contracts Truth be told, writing is important for too many tasks to name. Good writers also have the tendency to be great communicators, so if you factor in the value of collaboration, that’s even more reason to help employees develop as writers.
Literacy and writing are perhaps the most important skills students learn in school. Comprehension versus the lack of comprehension will make a difference for the rest of their lives. Students need to be prepared to write well in college and their careers. How can IntelliMetric help districts prepare students for real-world writing challenges? Read on to learn more.
Literacy is a right for every child. Helping students learn to read and write will set them on the path to future success and ensure they have the tools they need to thrive in society. Reading and writing go hand in hand. Did you know that reading AND writing are both necessary to foster literacy? Put the power of IntelliMetric to work in your schools. IntelliMetric works with other tools like Ziptales, MyAccess, and CorrectEnglish to create a continuous journey to literacy starting with pre-school and extending far beyond high school graduation. Here are three ways literacy can make a difference in students’ lives:
Many employees could improve with problem solving in the workplace. It is both difficult to teach and difficult to learn. Employees who cannot think critically have a hard time developing their ideas in writing. Critical thinking involves evaluation, problem solving, and decision making – which are all necessary ingredients in good writing. IntelliMetric® gives employees the writing practice they need. In 1997, Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric was the first Artificial Intelligence - powered essay scoring robot to reach human level performance and grade one billion essays. With accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human expert scoring, IntelliMetric is the most capable essay scoring platform on the market. Here are 8 ways IntelliMetric can help employees improve their problem-solving skills.
In just a few years, human resources best practices will look very different. Every day, we are learning more about how to hire and keep the best people – as well as help employees advance in their careers. AI will play a major role in the transformation of talent acquisition and human resources. Want to learn more? Read on.
IntelliMetric® is scientifically proven to score writing at or above the level of human expert scorers. But did you know one of its most powerful advantages is being fair? Evaluating writing is more challenging when you know or have met the writer. Bias can play in unintentionally, even if processes are in place to prevent this from happening. Read on to learn how IntelliMetric® can help prevent bias in schools and in the workplace.
Some schools are wary of automated essay scoring. While they recognize that students need more writing practice, and teachers often can’t keep up with the grading, they are inclined to go with what they know. However, the risks of implementing automated essay scoring are not as great as many schools believe. The cost investment is minimal compared to contracting out grading to human scorers. Teachers save time, and schools save money. In 1997, Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric® was the first Artificial Intelligence - powered essay scoring robot to reach human level performance and grade one billion essays. Now regarded as the gold standard in automated essay scoring, IntelliMetric® has graded 100 billion essays and counting.
Through natural language processing and machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) essay graders mark scripts with greater accuracy, consistency, and reliability than expert human scorers can. That’s why international banks trust IntelliMetric® to streamline their hiring processes. IntelliMetric® is the best Artificial Intelligence software on the market, and it’s taking effective hiring practices to the next level. Read on to learn how IntelliMetric®’s AI is transforming hiring practices for international banks.
Marking scripts has never been easier with IntelliMetric®. Teachers save time and school districts save money – but best of all, students get more writing practice and improve in literacy and writing skills. The time to act is now if you would like to implement automated script marking before September. By this time, many other school systems will be using an essay scoring machine to improve writing development, and you don’t want your students to be left behind. What makes IntelliMetric® so extraordinary? It has graded over 100 billion essays with accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human expert scoring. IntelliMetric® raises the bar for your school district simply and efficiently.
Communication is the foundation of any profession. Regardless of how disconnected writing may appear to a specific field, it's a fundamental segment of an employee’s range of abilities. Automated script marking can help consulting agencies improve new hires’ written communication skills. To implement automated script marking, consider an essay scoring machine like IntelliMetric®. IntelliMetric® makes marking scripts simple and convenient. As the most accurate and reliable AI essay grader on the market, IntelliMetric® can improve communication in the workplace.
International banks are using automated script marking to hire better candidates and improve employees’ skill sets. The pressure on businesses to elevate their work force is increasing as globalization increases competition. Are you looking for a way to set your business apart? Read on to learn why international banks are on board with IntelliMetric®.
Automated essay scoring is taking a foothold in schools around the world. Student writing development is essential as competition increases for top university admissions and more employers look for writing skills when hiring applicants. In an increasingly globalized world, students who come from school systems where writing isn’t a focus will be edged out of jobs and university spots. Any advantage school systems can gain in helping students learn to write is an opportunity. An essay scoring machine like IntelliMetric® is not a risky investment. It has been proven to mark scripts with the same level of quality, accuracy, reliability, and attention to detail as top human expert graders.
School systems across the world are embracing automated essay scoring. And for good reason. IntelliMetric® is helping schools mark scripts with greater accuracy, quality, and reliability. The more easily your schools can mark scripts, the more writing prompts teachers can assign. Research shows that extra writing practice is what students need to improve their writing skills. Writing skills are a determining factor in students’ future success. Students will need to be able to write well both at the university level and likely in their future careers. Getting into university and applying for jobs is very competitive. You’ll want to make sure that other school systems are not preparing their students better with automated essay scoring, leaving your students at a disadvantage.
With the abrupt ending of last school year and the uncertain beginning of this year, students in your district may have missed out on important writing development opportunities. Perhaps they didn’t get to complete final papers or summer assignments. Teachers may also be easing into the school year now so that online or socially-distanced lessons go smoothly. However world conditions may have shaped education in 2020, it’s essential that students keep pace with grade-level writing standards. Many students will want to get into great colleges, and every student will need writing skills when they enter the workforce. So if you feel student writing development has been hurt by this year, now is the time to get it back on track. Read on to learn how IntelliMetric can help.
IntelliMetric, a globally-renowned artificial intelligence scoring platform, is based on 30 years of research and development and has been used to score open-ended essay assessments since 1998. As the first commercially-successful tool to administer open-ended questions and provide immediate feedback, this automated essay scorer has solidified itself as the leading tool of its type. So what sets it apart from the rest? Here is one key factor worth discussing: instead of drawing upon feedback from one designated scorer to evaluate essays, IntelliMetric learns from hundreds of previously marked papers and has six different approaches to that learning. It then blends together the six different approaches into a unified model.
After decades of development, Artificial Intelligence has certainly come a long way. Cautious decision-makers within school systems, governments and other high-level industries all over the world now rely on various AI-driven tools on a daily basis. IntelliMetric’s automated essay-scoring capabilities, for example, are currently being utilized by the United Nations to enhance the efficiency of their hiring practices. If you are looking to dedicate time, money and trust into all that AI has to offer, you should proceed with caution. There is a wide divide between leading tools like IntelliMetric and other automated essay scoring options that don’t offer the same level of unbiased expert feedback.
Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is revolutionizing countless industries around the world. Automated essay scoring is arguably the most exciting. Through natural language processing and machine learning, Artificial Intelligence platforms score essays with greater speed, accuracy, and specificity than any human grader could. That’s why companies and organizations worldwide trust IntelliMetric to streamline their hiring processes. IntelliMetric is the best Artificial Intelligence software on the market, and it’s taking effective hiring practices to the next level.
Effective employers strive to hire the best possible employees. Unfortunately, despite hiring managers having good intentions, subconscious bias is difficult to defeat. How can you ensure that your company hires the most qualified candidate, regardless of irrelevant factors like race, ethnicity, or gender identity? IntelliMetric, an automated essay-scoring program, is the ideal solution.
Education relies upon testing as a benchmark, and testing requires grading. In the past, this meant countless hours of work for human graders, manually reading each project or student essay for scoring. Today, IntelliMetric has changed that. Since 1997, IntelliMetric has been the leading Artificial Intelligence software on the market for scoring constructed response work from students. It’s one of the most exciting applications of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and AI since the technology’s inception.
All companies benefit from hiring excellent writers. Because of their critical thinking skills, good writers are usually skilled communicators in other areas, too. Forbes explains, “Communication can take many forms, such as video, speaking, phone calls, illustration, texting, email, signage, advertising, blogging, publicity and others. Doing any of these well requires good writing skills.”1 Powerful writing also demonstrates logical thinking. Organized, logical thoughts are a prerequisite for clear writing.2 Therefore, a writer—who consequently has a well-structured thought process—is perfect for creating detailed, error-free business documents.3 Companies simply can’t afford to hire new employees who lack writing skills. That’s why IntelliMetric, a revolutionary artificial intelligence platform, is transforming how businesses screen potential hires.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms are slowly eroding the way society once perceived educational possibilities. As AI advances further than what was previously considered possible, its applications are broad and significant. Gone are the days when every written work demanded a chunk of an individual person’s time, attention, and critique; instead, AI can assess vast amounts of written content without exhibiting exhaustion, bias, or other inhibiting factors.
The best way to test a job applicant’s or student’s writing ability is to request a fresh writing sample. Unfortunately, whether you are in charge of a vast school system or running a multi-level company, providing grades for every essay or piece of work becomes a massive drain on your time. Leaders in academia, corporations, and government alike need to ensure that everyone in their organization is a capable communicator—but how is anyone supposed to read several hundred writing samples in addition to their standard workflow?
Whether you are a school principal, a Board of Education executive, or simply a tax-paying parent, you likely share one common concern: how can we give our children the best education while maintaining a sensible budget? Lack of funding is a challenge that many school districts face. Just ask teachers, many of whom have publically voiced frustration about their low salaries via district-wide strikes or media interviews over the years. As with many facets of our society, one solution to this ever-present issue comes in the form of evolving technology. Read on to learn how advancements in natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) are paving the way for brighter futures for our students and schools.
Posting an available job opportunity is like opening your front door to the world and inviting everyone in. Regardless of the position at hand, you’ll undoubtedly receive a slew of responses from candidates with a diverse array of qualifications. From GPAs and internships to experience levels and on-the-job accomplishments, how does one determine the most important factors to consider in a strong contender?
Your teachers are well-educated on how to assess what an excellent paper looks like for a 5th grade student versus a 6th grade student. If your school is investing in making your students better writers, their writing levels should progress significantly with each year they move toward graduation. One of the common fears of implementing a paper grader is that it won’t be able to score writing as accurately as a teacher. However, this is simply not the case. Essay scoring software is as accurate, and sometimes more so, than human scoring.
Josh is 16 years old. Currently a junior at William. H. Smith High School, he has earned varsity status on the Baseball and Wrestling team for the past two years. Anticipating a bright future, he hopes to apply to a variety of Division 1 schools and earn generous scholarship offers. There’s just one problem: his writing skills are subpar. While he’s been able to maintain decent grades in math, science and other subjects throughout high school, he’s always struggled with essays. Until now, he’s always managed to get by, but now that the all-important SAT is on the horizon, he needs help…fast.
Most students have anxiety about standardized tests. The results of these examinations can have a huge impact on the success of their college applications (not to mention the pursuit of scholarships or financial aid). Grades, extracurricular activities, and public service fade to the background when it’s time to sit down and take the SAT or other tests, so preparation is crucial. For many students, essay writing is daunting. While subjects like math have objectively correct answers, writing is more subjective – and thus grading is not always accurate. That’s where test scoring machines come in.
Scoring essays, by nature, is a challenging part of a teacher’s job. The process takes a great deal of time, and reading too quickly through them all inevitably results in a lack of proper attention to detail. For generations, the education world has been resigned to the fact that this responsibility is an unavoidable part of the job, leaving teachers to manage this daunting workload on a regular basis. Luckily, the past few decades of software development have led us to technology that not only meets the standards of expert scorers… it exceeds them. Read on to learn more about essay grading software.
Students across the country are learning how to become better writers with one simple strategy employed by school districts: Get the students to write more. The only way to become a better writer is to actually write. And the more students write, the more they get a feel for: Argument Composition Context Grammar Syntax And other elements of great writing There is one problem with the strategy of getting students to write more. It puts undue strain on teachers who are already overtaxed for time.
Teachers work tirelessly to ensure the success of their students. School districts know it, and they need a way to keep teachers satisfied in their careers by relieving them of the undue strain of grading essays. When a teacher returns graded essays back a week or two late, parents and students become frustrated. What's often overlooked is that grading essays is time-consuming, and usually teachers collect papers from more than one class. Teachers are forced to choose: Rush to finish grading papers on time, and return them with inconsistencies, or return accurately graded papers weeks later. Learn how automated scoring solves this old problem.
Abstract: Learn how IntelliMetric® analyzes and scores written open-ended essay assessments in seconds. IntelliMetric®: How it Works IntelliMetric® is based on 30 years of research and development and has been used to score open-ended essay assessments since 1998. IntelliMetric® is the first commercially successful tool able to administer open-ended questions and provide immediate feedback to students. In order to score essays, IntelliMetric® "learns" from a set of responses previously determined by experts. In this way, IntelliMetric® understands the combined judgments of human scorers.
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