How To Improve District Test Scores With IntelliMetric

High district test scores can bring many benefits to your students and school system. On the other hand, schools can lose funding if student test scores fail to meet the benchmark. Did you know that automated essay scoring software is a powerful and effective solution?

For the reading and writing portions of standardized tests, the answer to raising scores is to assign more writing practice because you can automate essay scoring. More writing practice helps students develop as writers and is even proven to improve literacy.

Teachers don’t always have time to score extra assignments, and hiring professional human graders can be costly. This is where IntelliMetric can help.


IntelliMetric Scores At The Human Level

IntelliMetric was the first AI-powered automated essay scoring software to score papers at the human level or higher. This means that when compared to how a professional human grader would score a paper, IntelliMetric scores with the same accuracy.

What IntelliMetric also brings to the table is greater consistency across scoring assignments because the technology does not fatigue or have bias.

Additionally, IntelliMetric scores thousands of written assignments at a fraction of the cost, saving your school system money.


Students Get More Writing Practice

The benefit of automated essay scoring software like IntelliMetric is that teachers can assign more writing practice to students and give them targeted feedback on how to improve as writers. IntelliMetric’s scores include a breakdown of where students excel as writers and where they need to focus on learning.

Teachers can adapt their teaching plans according to what their class needs to learn. As a result, students improve their writing skills and are very likely to score higher on the writing section of standardized tests.


If you are ready raise test scores in your district, consider implementing IntelliMetric this school year. Our helpful representatives can assist in implementing automated essay scoring software quickly and efficiently so that students can start improving as writers – right away.

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