How Automated Essay Scoring Tools Help Companies Hire Better Employees

Posting an available job opportunity is like opening your front door to the world and inviting everyone in. Regardless of the position at hand, you’ll undoubtedly receive a slew of responses from candidates with a diverse array of qualifications.

From GPAs and internships to experience levels and on-the-job accomplishments, how does one determine the most important factors to consider in a strong contender?

The Professional World Needs Strong Writers More Than Ever

On, Jaleh Bisharat writes that “Good writing correlates with crisp thinking. Writing provides excellent insight into the way someone’s mind works.” If your company is moving ahead with the times, then great writers are definitely on your hiring wish list.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73% of employers want candidates with strong writing skills. The basics aren’t good enough, however – today’s job marketplace frequently calls for individuals who can write for a wide variety of audiences attached to social media, video, audio and sponsored content.

Here’s the challenge: how can a hiring manager or HR department effectively evaluate writing skills throughout a mountain of cover letters or evaluations while staving off the bias that may come with mental fatigue?

Enter Automated Essay Scoring: Your Tireless Recruiting Partner

An Artificial Intelligence Platform like Intellimetric is the saving grace that your Human Resources department needs. With accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than any hiring manage, this type of web-based tool is capable of both scoring long and short answer responses in more than 20 different languages.

Instead of relying on one person’s efforts, expertise and focus, an Artificial Intelligence Platform operates using a highly-developed set of customized standards derived from a multitude of human experts. Its scoring performance will never be affected by emotions, stress or fatigue, so you can depend on it to judge every single candidate equally and fairly according to your desired standards.

By using advanced capabilities like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Artificial Intelligence Platforms can even identify undesirable topics or types of content that might reflect poorly on a potential employee. For instance, IntelliMetric uses Legitimacy detection to flag and reject any submission that is inappropriate or contains harmful messages.

Best of all, Automated Essay Scoring is fast. Instead of spending hours reading through cover letters or written exams, this technology can handle the same amount of content in mere minutes. Choosing a web-based tool also means that it is accessible anywhere that the internet is available, which means flexibility to work from home, on the road, or wherever you need it.

The Best Tools Will Help Find The Best Employees

 Whether you are gauging a potential job candidate’s practical writing skills or simply seeking insights into their cognitive thinking abilities, a dependable tool like Intellimetric can quickly illuminate the strongest candidates from your application pool. 

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