How Improving Employees’ Writing Skills Promotes Problem Solving

Many employees could improve with problem solving in the workplace. It is both difficult to teach and difficult to learn. Employees who cannot think critically have a hard time developing their ideas in writing.

Critical thinking involves evaluation, problem solving, and decision making – which are all necessary ingredients in good writing.

IntelliMetric® gives employees the writing practice they need. In 1997, Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric was the first Artificial Intelligence - powered essay scoring robot to reach human level performance and grade one billion essays.

With accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human expert scoring, IntelliMetric is the most capable essay scoring platform on the market. 

Here are 8 ways IntelliMetric can help employees improve their problem-solving skills.


Evaluating The Reliability Of Information

When writing emails or presentations, employees have to evaluate the reliability of the information that they have.


Differentiating Between Facts And Opinions

Evaluating different sources of information is important when presenting arguments. There is a difference between backing up your arguments with facts versus opinions.


Reflecting On Information

Writing an email or presentation allows employees to think about what the reaction will be to the information.


Making Decisions

Decision-making is a crucial part of critical thinking. It concerns how we make the most optimal choice between different alternatives. Employees need to make decisions and argue their positions.


Solving Problems

A useful technique for employees is to break down their problem into smaller parts. Writing an email or presentation becomes easier to manage when they break it down.


Using Information In Different Forms

Understanding how information is presented is essential for formulating arguments. Is the information in the form of a graph, table, paragraph, or chart? Why is it presented in this way?


Evaluating Arguments

Before employees can draw their own conclusions, they must evaluate arguments from other people. The argument should make sense in light of all evidence. 


Presenting Arguments

Writing an essay and having it scored by IntelliMetric is a good practice for employees to learn to present their arguments after forming judgments and making their decisions. Writing practice is one thing, but making sure that the language is polished and free of errors is equally important.



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