How IntelliMetric Can Help Employees Become Better Writers

IntelliMetric can score writing at or above human proficiency with greater consistency over time. What can this do for your business?

Employees who can write well provide more value to your business. An AI scoring machine is the best way to help your best people improve their writing skills.

To note, here are a few examples where excellent writing is essential:

  • ·       Presentations
  • ·       Customer-facing emails
  • ·       Press releases
  • ·       Tradeshow literature
  • ·       Contracts

Truth be told, writing is important for too many tasks to name. Good writers also have the tendency to be great communicators, so if you factor in the value of collaboration, that’s even more reason to help employees develop as writers.


What Does IntelliMetric Do

IntelliMetric scores written responses with patented Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding technologies to help employees improve their writing.

As part of a training program or other method of training on-the-fly, you can assign writing work to employees and have IntelliMetric score their writing.

IntelliMetric will provide targeted feedback in different categories to show where each employee’s strengths and weaknesses are.

This helps employees to improve where they need help and also brings to their attention where they can improve – because they might not be aware of where to begin becoming better writers and communicators.


IntelliMetric is highly cost-effective, fitting within your budget more easily than hiring professional human scorers. 

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