How IntelliMetric Eliminates Bias in Corporate Evaluations

Effective employers strive to hire the best possible employees. Unfortunately, despite hiring managers having good intentions, subconscious bias is difficult to defeat.

How can you ensure that your company hires the most qualified candidate, regardless of irrelevant factors like race, ethnicity, or gender identity?

IntelliMetric, an automated essay-scoring program, is the ideal solution. 

The AI (or Artificial Intelligence) platform uses natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to grade a candidate’s written work compared to a standard, eliminating factors that could otherwise prompt human bias. 

Read on to discover why IntelliMetric is the best Artificial Intelligence software for eliminating bias in corporate evaluations.

Why Writing Evaluation Matters

In an era when email is often the first contact between employees and a customer, evaluating the written communication skills of job candidates is critically important.  IntelliMetric enables companies to test their job applicants’ writing skills in real time with freeform writing prompts—one of the most exciting modern applications of natural language understanding.

Those writing skills have only become more vital in the workplace over time. In recent news, Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) replaced PowerPoint presentations in meetings with hard-copy briefings. Instead of witnessing a presentation, Amazon employees individually, silently read printed documents that summarize relevant information before meetings begin.

“Since briefing documents are (at least) twice as time-efficient as PowerPoint and tend to eliminate the most useless meetings, by replacing PowerPoint with briefing documents, Bezos effectively increased company-wide management productivity by at least 25 percent,” Inc writes. “There are few if any technologies or techniques that, when implemented, have anywhere near that kind of dramatically positive effect on productivity.”1

Prioritizing written communication in the workplace, as Bezos has done, saves companies both time and money—it also necessitates that employees be clear, strong writers.1 IntelliMetric is the best way to determine which job applicants have the best writing skills, regardless of factors such as ethnicity that might otherwise trigger subconscious bias.

Eliminating Bias

Through natural language processing and machine learning, IntelliMetric analyzes qualifications and demonstrated talent without making judgments based upon race or ethnicity.

Studies have proven IntelliMetric’s fairness in these areas since 2009. A GMAT analysis comparing groups across gender, racial, and English fluency differences determined, “The observed mean AES scores are almost identical between the compared groups. Therefore, conclusions can be drawn that none of subpopulation groups is unfairly punished by the IntelliMetric system.”2

In addition to more obvious types of bias, another surprisingly common category of accidental judgment is beauty bias. This category of stereotyping involves assuming positive traits of someone who presents a stereotypically attractive appearance.3

Since IntelliMetric considers only the submitted content—and doesn’t express any preference for certain physical features, gendered presentations, or ethnicity—it’s the fairest way to analyze applicants without acting out of bias.

Diverse Hires Increase Success

Equal opportunity for all applicants is also the best way to increase your company’s success. IntelliMetric ensures that you hire the demonstrably best candidate—not just the candidate who looks or behaves the most like you. The resulting diversity in the workplace improves your company’s success overall.

“Research has shown that a diverse workplace is more effective, and a diverse organization performs better,” Forbes writes. “Companies with a more culturally and ethnically diverse executive teams were 33% more likely to see better-than-average profits.”4

“At the board of directors’ level, more ethnically and culturally diverse companies were 43% more likely to see above-average profits… for every 1% rise in a workforce’s gender and cultural diversity, there were corresponding increases of 3% and 9% in sales revenue, respectively.”4

By using IntelliMetric to equally consider all applicants, you’re increasing the likelihood of a diverse workplace, which leads to dramatically increased success. 

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IntelliMetric’s revolutionary AI examines writing samples without falling victim to subconscious biases. By providing equal opportunity and consideration to all job applicants, IntelliMetric equips companies to increase both their inclusivity and their financial success.

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