How To Offer New Hires At Your Consulting Agency More English Writing Support

Communication is the foundation of any profession. Regardless of how disconnected writing may appear to a specific field, it's a fundamental segment of an employee’s range of abilities.

Automated script marking can help consulting agencies improve new hires’ written communication skills. To implement automated script marking, consider an essay scoring machine like IntelliMetric®. IntelliMetric® makes marking scripts simple and convenient. As the most accurate and reliable AI essay grader on the market, IntelliMetric® can improve communication in the workplace.



Good writing skills start at the hiring level. Introductory letters are fundamental to hiring practices, and stellar candidates who show brilliant writing abilities frequently stand out in the application pool. The significance of great writing during the recruiting stage includes email discussions with prospective managers and resume submissions.

IntelliMetric® can help consulting agencies evaluate applicants’ writing and make smart hiring decisions. No matter how many prospective employees are in consideration, no one has to spend hours of time scoring writing samples.



Albeit many cutting-edge consulting agencies have become more easygoing with respect to correspondence, keeping up demonstrable skill across emails is still important. Poor sentence structure may make colleagues or managers confused, which creates barriers to efficiency.

IntelliMetric® can help employees improve their writing skills. Managers can assign writing prompts, and IntelliMetric® will score them with detailed and accurate feedback. Employees can use this feedback to learn from their mistakes and elevate their writing skills.



Writing skills are important for internal emails, but they are just as significant for communicating with customers and people outside of a company. As anybody who works in advertising understands, online writing is one of the main channels customers use to reference an organization. Grammar or spelling mistakes in publicly-accessible writing can diminish prospective customers' opinions of a company before they even communicate with a sales person one on one.

IntelliMetric® can help employees improve their grammar and spelling skills. If they are promoting the consulting agency they work for on social media, writing blog articles, or otherwise advertising online, employees will do more credit to how the company values professional writing.


Could your consulting agency use help improving new hires’ writing skills? In 1997, Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric® was the first Artificial Intelligence - powered essay scoring robot to reach human level performance and grade one billion essays. 

Now regarded as the gold standard in automated essay scoring, IntelliMetric® has graded 100 billion essays and counting. With accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human expert scoring, IntelliMetric® is the most capable essay scoring platform on the market. 

Accessible any time or place, the web-based tool is capable of both scoring long and short answer responses in more than 20 different languages.  


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