McGraw-Hill and Vantage Learning Collaborating to Create Artificially Intelligent Automated Writing Feedback Tool

New Technology Adds Another Powerful Capability to McGraw-Hill Digital Course Materials for College Students


NEW YORK, May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Expanding its position as a market leader in learning science, McGraw-Hill announced today that it is developing a new artificially intelligent tool that guides students through the entire writing process, and gives higher education instructors a way to efficiently and effectively assign and grade writing. Embedded into McGraw-Hill Connect® digital learning materials for writing done in all course areas, the adaptive tool will help millions of students demonstrate critical and analytical thinking skills and develop writing skills for college-level work and competitive careers.

This new learning tool will provide instructors with yet another powerful digital resource. McGraw-Hill's newly developed writing interface will leverage Vantage Learning's artificial intelligence (AI)-based writing feedback and scoring systems, helping students choose more effective wording or grammar, improve ideation skills and understand what makes effective writing.

The automated writing feedback tool is the newest capability added to McGraw-Hill digital course materials, designed to improve learning outcomes for students, while ensuring affordability and high value.

"The new writing tool has the potential to dramatically increase the ability of faculty to allow for written assignments in courses without dramatically increasing the course workload," said Michael Troyan, Instructor and Online Coordinator in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Penn State University. "This could allow for multiple, simple writing assignments that could be easily graded, even in large lecture courses."

"All students need strong writing and critical thinking skills to succeed in college and in the workforce," said Scott Virkler, Chief Product and Operating Officer for higher education at McGraw-Hill. "McGraw-Hill takes pride in leveraging technology to provide purposeful learning experiences and this new solution will help students create more meaningful, effective and original communications. Even more exciting, the technology will support learning in the broadest sense; it is not simply teaching writing in isolation, but a skill that supports all learning. We see unprecedented potential to lift students' English skills at scale while providing them with life-long workforce skills."

Written communication skills are not only critical for student success, they remain one of the most in-demand skills in the workforce. Yet, less than half of employers believe that recent college graduates enter the job market with the appropriate skill level and preparation needed.

"We're excited to work with McGraw-Hill to enable better outcomes for students," said Paul Edelblut, Vice President of Vantage Labs.  "Artificial intelligence-based learning solutions continue to break new ground in adaptive learning for writing. Our partnership with McGraw-Hill will produce a comprehensive technology solution, including AI-based feedback and scoring, that supports McGraw-Hill's quality educational content for teaching students how to write."

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