The Intersection Of Artificial Intelligence And Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms are slowly eroding the way society once perceived educational possibilities. As AI advances further than what was previously considered possible, its applications are broad and significant. Gone are the days when every written work demanded a chunk of an individual person’s time, attention, and critique; instead, AI can assess vast amounts of written content without exhibiting exhaustion, bias, or other inhibiting factors.

Since 1997, IntelliMetric has been the next step forward for Artificial Intelligence, leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to score written work quickly and comprehensively. This transfers the burden of grading every project or essay from the teacher to the AI.

IntelliMetric was revolutionary upon release, and it remains the best Artificial Intelligence software on the market—a game-changer for educators in the U.S. and beyond.

If you aren’t convinced, consider these specific ways that IntelliMetric’s AI has propelled educational advancement worldwide.

Empowering Educators

From Amazon’s Alexa to Google’s Home, from Siri to Cortana, Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of many people’s daily lives.

“We are surrounded by this technology from automatic parking systems, smart sensors for taking spectacular photos, and personal assistance,” eLearning Industry says. “Similarly, Artificial Intelligence in education is being felt, and the traditional methods are changing drastically.”1

In education, AI’s automated essay scoring saves teachers immense amounts of time. By automating rote tasks like assessing homework or college applications, Artificial Intelligence empowers teachers to focus on other tasks, like forming individual relationships with students.

While science fiction frequently depicts AI as sentient robots taking over the world, real AI is an ideal assistant—not a replacement—for a busy teacher or college admissions officer. IntelliMetric completes rote administrative tasks so that teachers can focus on paying individual attention to students and forming personal relationships as they educate.

“AI can drive efficiency, personalization and streamline admin tasks to allow teachers the time and freedom to provide understanding and adaptability—uniquely human capabilities where machines would struggle,” Forbes writes. “By leveraging the best attributes of machines and teachers, the vision for AI in education is one where they work together for the best outcome for students.”2

Worldwide Impact

Artificial Intelligence’s impact reverberates far beyond the United States. In fact, IntelliMetric’s most recent partnership is with one of the most well-known international organizations in the world: the United Nations (UN).

IntelliMetric now powers the UN’s personnel testing, increasing its speed, accuracy, and unbiased approach to identifying valuable candidates. You can read more about IntelliMetric’s partnership with the UN in our brochure here: (

“Artificial intelligence is becoming so entrenched in societies around the world that there is a worldwide competition shaping up to see which countries, societies and cultures will control the future of commerce, education, entertainment and more,” Inside Higher Ed says. “We are challenged to take the lead in providing the best educational opportunities to build a work force of AI developers.”3

Beyond the United Nations, the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) also depends upon IntelliMetric’s advanced grading capabilities. ACER partnered with IntelliMetric in 2017 to accurately assess the Online Writing Assessment for Adults (OWA). Over 300 high-quality scripts for each OWA prompt trained IntelliMetric’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to recognize high-level writing immediately.

Third and finally, IntelliMetric most recently allied with Yayasan Kahzanah, the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia, to filter thousands of scholarship applicants without neglecting individual attention to detail. In the future, IntelliMetric hopes to partner with other nations’ scholarship programs as well.

Unbiased Assessment

Educators and admissions officers may have the best intentions, but unconscious bias can be difficult to detect. That’s why AI is so exemplary at reducing inequality in grading and college acceptance. writes that AI has the potential to make “opportunity for all” a more feasible reality, especially as Internet becomes more broadly accessible.4

Ed Tech Magazine adds, “The future of AI in schools will leverage solutions capable of grading papers and evaluating exams using established rubrics and benchmarks to both automate completion and eliminate bias.”5

Margaret Price, Microsoft’s principal design strategist, is also enthusiastic about the equalizing possibilities of Artificial Intelligence: “Ultimately, the goal is to create equitable solutions that can truly help drive positive outcomes.”6

Unlike a human grader, IntelliMetric approaches all writing samples objectively, regardless of the writer’s race, gender identity, or other characteristics. That’s why IntelliMetric is trusted by the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to assess its Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section with fairness and equal consideration for all.

Futuristic Machine Learning

Finally, IntelliMetric showcases the vast possibilities unlocked by machine learning technology.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, “Artificial Intelligence in Education: Promises and Implications for Teaching and Learning” defines machine learning as “a three-step process (analyze data, build a model, undertake an action) that is continuously iterated (the outcomes of the action generate new data, which in turn amends the model, which in turn causes a new action). It is in this sense that the machine is learning.”7

IntelliMetric’s machine learning is so cutting-edge that Wonderlic Inc.—which scores essays for over 75,000 organizations, government agencies, and accrediting bodies—uses IntelliMetric for all of its grading.

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In summary, IntelliMetric empowers educators, impacts organizations worldwide, provides unbiased assessments, and demonstrates revolutionary machine learning. If your organization would benefit from an AI-based writing assessment tool, IntelliMetric is the definitive solution.

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