Why Companies Need Good Writers

All companies benefit from hiring excellent writers.

Because of their critical thinking skills, good writers are usually skilled communicators in other areas, too. Forbes explains, “Communication can take many forms, such as video, speaking, phone calls, illustration, texting, email, signage, advertising, blogging, publicity and others. Doing any of these well requires good writing skills.”1

Powerful writing also demonstrates logical thinking. Organized, logical thoughts are a prerequisite for clear writing.2 Therefore, a writer—who consequently has a well-structured thought process—is perfect for creating detailed, error-free business documents.3

Companies simply can’t afford to hire new employees who lack writing skills. That’s why IntelliMetric, a revolutionary artificial intelligence platform, is transforming how businesses screen potential hires.

Instead of requiring a hiring manager to read countless applicants’ writing samples (and make judgments accordingly,) IntelliMetric uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to score numerous writing samples in seconds. As the modern business landscape continues to evolve, fundamental communication skills are more vital than ever—and only IntelliMetric can assess applicants’ writing without requiring massive amounts of company money and time.

Here are 5 reasons why IntelliMetric is the best artificial intelligence software for businesses everywhere.

#1: Writing Drives Sales

Every company sells something, whether it’s a product, an experience, or a service. Strong writing drives sales, while its absence can wreck your sales targets altogether.

“Marketing copy and proposals play a huge role in the sales process. If poorly written, these materials make your organization seem unprofessional and incompetent, creating a terrible first—and often last—impression,” HurleyWrite says. “If written effectively, however, they show that your organization is smart and capable, helping you generate more leads and convert more sales.”4

IntelliMetric’s mobile-friendly, web-based interface can assess writing samples from any device. Thanks to the cutting-edge AI, it’s easier than ever to pinpoint which potential employees are best equipped to drive sales. Once the expected projects, essays, or writing samples from applicants arrive, it takes mere moments for IntelliMetric to analyze the content.

#2: Writing Conveys Courtesy

Usually, employees have good intentions behind their communications, but those intentions don’t matter if a client, coworker, or customer perceives the communication incorrectly. Writing skills assist in conveying courtesy, which is non-negotiable in a professional environment.5 As a result, it’s critical to hire employees who provide polished, direct communication that’s less likely to be misinterpreted.

IntelliMetric is so advanced in its analysis of professional writing that it recently partnered with the United Nations (UN). The UN depends on IntelliMetric to assess writing samples in a fast, reliable, and unbiased fashion and provide multilingual feedback. You can learn more about IntelliMetric’s partnership with the UN here: (www.shorturl.at/beu38)

#3: Writing Simplifies Technicalities

Products arrive with instruction manuals, services present themselves via web copy, and experiences are often best conveyed in a brochure. These assorted methods have one thing in common: good writing simplifies technicalities.

“You wouldn't allow your storefront to look less than immaculate. You wouldn't want your employees to give less than stellar customer service. For the same reason, your company should be producing clean, coherent, and crisply written documents that are easily comprehended,” Infotec Training says. “Well-written technical documents convey that you care enough about the details to get it right. And that says everything about you as a company.”6

In addition, when conducting international business, you can’t presume English fluency among the target audience—which makes simple, understandable writing even more important than usual.

On the international stage, IntelliMetric currently partners with Yayasan Kahzanah, the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia. IntelliMetric’s automated essay scoring increases the accessibility of Malaysia’s scholarship programs while simultaneously identifying the most promising candidates.

IntelliMetric hopes to partner with other nations similarly in the future.

#4: Writing Boosts SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is foundational for successful marketing. In order for your content to rank highly on Google, you need to regularly update your website, blog posts, and other online content. Old or recycled content will rank poorly in Google’s algorithm, but fresh, relevant, well-written content might shoot to the top for your chosen keywords.7

If SEO is a primary concern for your company, you need IntelliMetric to identify which job applicants have the writing talent necessary to rank well in online searches.

#5: Writing Helps Departments Communicate

A world-class graphic design team might still produce unwanted content if the guidelines provided were vague; a record-breaking salesperson might still fall flat on their face if the pitch provided was unclear. Essentially, communication between departments of your company is arguably just as important—if not more important—than communication with customers.

“Strong writing skills are not only needed to create content for a brand’s audience, but they are also important when trying to communicate within your internal marketing team and with other departments,” Naviga Recruiting says. “Emails, presentations, and reports all need to be written and interpreted on a level that all employees can understand.”8

IntelliMetric highlights job applicants who are most likely to be team players based upon the clarity of their writing. You’ll never have to rely solely on your instincts when hiring new employees ever again.

In summary, IntelliMetric’s cutting-edge applications of natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning are a game-changer for professional hiring processes. With IntelliMetric, you can ensure that new hires are people who drive sales, communicate courteously, simplify technicalities, boost SEO, and build bridges between departments.

There’s never been a better time to try the best AI tool on the market for writing analysis.

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