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  • What is IntelliMetric®

    In 1997 Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric® was the first Artificial Intelligence powered essay scoring robot to reach human level performance and grade 1 billion essays.  IntelliMetric® is now the “Gold-Standard” in automated essay scoring and has graded 100-billion essays and counting. With accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human expert scoring; IntelliMetric® is the most capable essay scoring platform on the market. The Web-based tool is accessible anytime, anywhere and is capable of both scoring long and short answer responses in more than 20 different languages.

  • Features

    IntelliMetric® is capable of scoring written assignments regardless of writing level, so scores and feedback will be relevant to the individual's comprehension level and capabilities. Whether used for academic purposes, certification testing or screening job applicants; users are able to submit a variety of essay lengths both long and short. 

  • IntelliMetric® uses virtually instantaneous scoring dramatically reducing the cost and time required to evaluate student and professional writing without sacrificing the accuracy and consistency of the human mind.

  • IntelliMetric® improves the instructional process by providing more frequent and immediate feedback to writers; encouraging improvements in students’ writing ability by communicating their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Allowing multiple essay submissions with almost instantaneous, detailed adaptive feedback; IntelliMetric® encourages improvements in a user's writing ability through corrections and revisions.

  • Using Legitimacy detection IntelliMetric® can flag and reject any submission if they are off-topic, copy the question, inappropriate or contain messages of harm.

  • Uses Cases and Testimonials

    Below are use cases and testimonials from customers who integrated IntelliMetric® to reach their goals by automating the process of analyzing and grading written responses. These users who found IntelliMetric® to be a vital tool in providing instant feedback and scoring to written responses.

  • Australian Council on Educational Research (ACER), the recognized international leader in the development and provision of high-quality assessment and reporting tools, uses IntelliMetric® to score OWA essays.

  • Wonderlic Inc. uses IntelliMetric® to provide essay scoring technology for more than 75,000 organizations, government agencies and accrediting bodies.

  •  Vantage Learning uses IntelliMetric® for computer-based essay scoring on the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) portion of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT(R))

  • Try Intellimetric For Yourself

    If you are interested in learning more about IntelliMetric® and would like to see a demo of its writing assessment capabilities please click on your native language below. Because the engine has been trained on local responses, different languages are extremely important to the A.I. understanding the content that has been submitted. Different dialects have required us to train the engine. Because of this IntelliMetric® can read, learn and score in different languages. We have made this section available so that you can see firsthand what IntelliMetric® would look like on your computer and how it works. 

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IntelliMetric® to score OWA essays

Australian Council on Educational Research (ACER), the recognized international leader in the development and provision of high-quality assessment and reporting tools, uses IntelliMetric® to score OWA essays.

Scoring system

Australian Council on Educational Research (ACER) uses the IntelliMetric® automated essay scoring system (AES) from Vantage Learning to automatically score the OWA essays.

The IntelliMetric® system is ‘trained’ with a set of scripts and their scores, known as the 'training set'. 

The 'training set' for the OWA consisted of writing scripts drawn from a representative sample population. Expert ACER human markers, trained specifically on each essay type, provided the scores and marking guidelines to accompany the scripts.

For each OWA essay topic (writing prompt), the IntelliMetric® system was trained to apply scores in a way that is similar to a human marker.  This involved a 'training set' of over 300 high quality scripts for each prompt.  

Training the IntelliMetric® system works inductively: the system uses the human scores to ‘learn’ the marking rubric and the way it has been applied by the human markers. The system ‘trains’ through the systematic interaction of the set of scores and the features of the scripts, and by the accumulation of relationships, as more scripts from the training set are analysed: the system ‘builds’ itself as it progressively analyses material from the 'training set'.

The reliability of automated essay scoring

Extensive research into the use of computer-based marking of candidate writing has been undertaken.  Computer-based marking has been proven to be as, if not more consistent than traditional hand scoring. View the article 'An Overview of Automated Scoring of Essays' (external link) recently published in the Journal of Technology, Learning and Assessment.

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