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Empower your platform with the world’s most sophisticated AI services for assessments, including IntelliMetric® and other writeSHIFT API services.

Add Value To Your Software Products By Embedding IntelliMetric®

With accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human expert scoring, IntelliMetric® is the perfect addition to software products that need writing evaluation.  Through our assessment API, it improves the value of software products by connecting you with high-quality writing scores anywhere, anytime.

Benefits Of Embedded AI Services

  • Custom IntelliMetric®models aligned to your rubric
  • Familiar user interface on your platform
  • Patented adaptive AI feedback across all domains
  • Industry leading grammar mechanics and style support

IntelliMetric® scores instantaneously, dramatically reducing the cost and time required to evaluate constructed responses while ensuring reliable and valuable results.

IntelliMetric® is accessed directly from your platform, allowing you full control of your program which ensures the best user experience.

Seamless integration with your existing products via the writeSHIFT API provides your business with a full suite of the most advanced AI tools.
IntelliMetric® can flag and reject nonstandard responses that are off-topic, inappropriate, copy the question, do not meet the required length, are repetitive, or contain harmful messages.

IntelliMetric® Offers Multilingual Scoring & Support

Score written responses in your native language with IntelliMetric! The automated scoring platform offers instant feedback and scoring in several languages to provide more accuracy and consistency than human scoring wherever you’re located. Accessible any time or place for educational or professional needs, IntelliMetric® is the perfect solution to your scoring requirements.

American English
British English
Bahasa Malaysia
Australian English
Mandarin Chinese

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