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Elevate the hiring process by identifying the candidates with the clearest communication skills. Get instant, accurate, and reliable results on written assessments with IntelliMetric® .

Hire The Best Employees With IntelliMetric®

IntelliMetric® measures written materials against a comprehensive rubric to identify the best critical thinkers within your applicant pool.  Our scores determine whether content submitted is legitimate, and we provide accurate feedback that helps organizations hire candidates with excellent writing and communication skills.

Features For Hiring Great Writers

IntelliMetric® scores prospective employees’ writing assessments and delivers feedback that helps to identify who has the writing skills needed for an open position. When used for screening job applicants, IntelliMetric® allows users to submit and receive expert scores on prompts in a wide variety of lengths.

IntelliMetric®’s AI-powered essay scoring ensures high writing standards for new hires by evaluating writing against comprehensive rubrics.

IntelliMetric® reduces the amount of time hiring managers spend evaluating candidates. Our scores call attention to applicants with exceptional written communication and critical thinking skills without the need to spend hours sorting through writing prompts.
With instant and accurate results, IntelliMetric® allows hiring managers to consider more applicants for a job.
IntelliMetric® can enforce plagiarism controls and content legitimacy on job application materials.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Below are use cases and testimonials from customers who used IntelliMetric® to reach their goals by automating the process of analyzing and grading written responses. These users found IntelliMetric® to be a vital tool in providing instant feedback and scoring written responses.

Monster Government Solutions
As a trusted partner, Monster Government Solutions utilizes IntelliMetric® to embed within their own software to generate instant, accurate, and reliable scores based upon client written exams. Using IntelliMetric, Monster Government Solutions is able to evaluate and identify the best candidates for their clients.

The United Nations-Economic and Social Commission:

The United Nations-Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (UN-ESCWA) chose Vantage's  IntelliMetric® engine through an open RFP to assess candidates' written English communication skills efficiently and reliably, enabling effective screening for critical positions among thousands of candidates across diverse regions.

The United Nations-Economic and Social Commission for West Asia recognized that employees in critical positions must have excellent written communication skills.  After an open RFP Vantage's IntelliMetric® engine was selected to help the UN-ESCWA screen candidates for their ability with written English.   With thousands of candidates across a large and diverse geography the ability to receive reliable and efficient scores of writing ability through IntelliMetric® was the best solution.

The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Citizenship and Immigration Services offices around the USA have included an IntelliMetric® scored writing sample for several years to assist in the selection of applicants to move on in the screening process.  Recognizing the value of clear, concise communication the US-CIS selected Vantage's IntelliMetric to provide a reliable, authentic, and efficient automatically scored writing assessment.

IntelliMetric® Offers Multilingual Scoring & Support

Score written responses in your native language with IntelliMetric! The automated scoring platform offers instant feedback and scoring in several languages to provide more accuracy and consistency than human scoring wherever you’re located. Accessible any time or place for educational or professional needs, IntelliMetric® is the perfect solution to your scoring requirements.

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